“Boris Ivan is a name that will be talked about for years to come in this wonderful industry of ours.  Boris has always shown great passion for our brand, working closely with us to create exciting new concepts and ensuring that his teams  are always fully trained and motivated to deliver the best guest experience possible.

From meeting Boris in my first few weeks in London, I was amazed at how passionate he was to work with Auchentoshan and also how friendly and open he was to discuss new ideas and create experiences for his guests over and above the normal  ideas of drinks and service.  An impeccable host who seems to effortlessly notice everything happening in his bar whist creating some of the best cocktails I’ve had the luck to taste.

A true gentleman of the industry, Boris can be described as many things…. ‘innovator’, ‘leader’, ‘mixologist’ but I’m honoured to call him my friend and I know that many others in the industry feel the same…..”

Alasdair Dickinson – European Ambassador for Auchentoshan